For Immediate Release
May 31, 2007
Los Angeles, California


Gladiator Magazine National Release!

The first national issue of Gladiator Magazine, featuring new UFC champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on the cover with spiritual guru Dr. Christian Harfouche, is now on the newsstands in all 50 U.S. states in all major bookstores including Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Books-A-Million and more! Gladiator is also available in 20 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Gladiator Magazine brings together the top writers and experts in the MMA, BJJ, and grappling world including Editor-in-Chief Todd Hester, Editor-at-Large Kid Peligro, Deputy Editor Matt Furey, Jiu-Jitsu Editor Royler Gracie, Grappling Editor Rico Chiapparelli and columnists and writers such as Frank Trigg, Erik Paulson, Jeff “Sherdog” Sherwood, Kipp Kollar, Eddie Goldman, Tom Supnet, Tyson Johnson, Lester Griffin, and more!

Extensive MMA coverage including exclusive content on UFC fighters such as Randy Couture and events such as KOTC, Gladiator Challenge, WFC, Reality Fighting, Jungle Fight, Fury FC and others. World-leading coverage of submission wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu including the Professional Submission League (PSL), the North American Grappling Association (NAGA), and the Copa Pacifica. Upcoming articles include ADCC 2007, BJJ Pan Ams, and BJJ Worlds.


Gladiator also has lifestyle articles on surfing, cars, movies and more. Stay up to speed on what the movers and shakers in the sport are doing inside and outside the cage and on and off the mat. Read about combat surfer Kai Garcia and BJJ purple belt Makua Rothman, the man who rode a 66 foot wave! Keep up on the award winning documentary “Fighter” as is enters and wins in film festivals. Thrill to the exploits of Jean Jacques Machado student Bud Brutsman, the producer of the hit TV shows “Rides” and “Overhaulin’” as he tackles the toughest race in the world: the Baja 1000!

Learn the latest grappling and jiu-jitsu moves and techniques from “Xande” Ribeiro, Royce Gracie, Royler Gracie, Kid Peligro, Rico Chiapparelli, Erik Paulson and keep up on devastating muay Thai kicks and strikes with Walter “Sleeper’ Michalowski.

There is no single better source of in-depth BJJ, submission grappling, and MMA information than Gladiator Magazine. But Gladiator isn’t just about fighting. Each issue also contains information on how to use your fighting, jiu-jitsu, and grappling training to improve yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and to make a difference in your life to become a better person. Gladiator Magazine is by competitors and fans and for competitor and fans.

To purchase Gladiator Magazine visit any major bookstore in your area and ask for it.

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Subscriptions are also available for $32/year for six issues. Don’t miss a single issue! Purchase or order today!