PSL stands for the Professional Submission League and it is just that, a professional league for highly accomplished submission artists drawn from the worlds of Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Sombo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts Fighting. Invited athletes will include only recognized champions in their sport. The PSL event format features live single match ups of submission wrestling action on a raised tatame platform. We bring the sport and its athletes into the spotlight where they can be appreciated in a tasteful and upscale environment. X-MISSION is PSL's latest event showcasing an international line-up of world champion athletes from around the world including, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Russia, Australia and the United States.
The PSL is dedicated to promoting the ideals of submission wrestling, its athletes and the artform through live events and multi media platforms.
Rico Chiappiarelli
PSL Founder Rico Chiappiarelli is a former World Cup and NCAA champion from the University of Iowa where he was the protege of legendary wrestling coach Dan Gable. Chiapparelli is no stranger to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as he was the world-renowned manager and trainer of the now defunct RAW Team and its stable of international superstars, including former U.F.C. and PRIDE champion athletes Randy Couture, Frank Trigg, Vladamir Matyushenko, Tom Erikson, Matt Lindland, and Dan Henderson.
Chiapparelli also owns and operates R1 Gym in El Segundo, CA.

  • www.r1gym.com

  • Ring of Fire and BHG Entertainment
    RoF and BHG coordinate and execute all logistics, design, production and post production for the PSL. John Myers and Jerry Spivack are the owners and founded the company in 1996.

  • www.ringoffire.com

  • www.bhgentertainment.tv

  • Elite World Class Athletes
    The international MMA 'Who's Who' that compete in our events. The inaugural exhibition featured a collection of over 75 world champion titles.

    Randy 'The Natural' Couture - 4 Time UFC Champion
    Megumi Fugii - Undefeated MMA Fighter
    Marcelo Garcia - World BJJ & ADCC Champion
    Xande Ribeiro - World Absolute BJJ Champion
    Saulo Ribeiro - 6x World BJJ & 2x ADCC Champion
    Leo 'Leozinho' Viera - 2x ADCC World Champion
    Jake Shields - World Shooto Champion & ADCC Bronze
    Jean Jacques Machado - ADCC World Sub Wrestling Champion
    Jeff Monson - 2 Time ADCC World Heavyweight Champion & #1 ranked UFC Hwt
    Naoya Uematsu - All Japan Sambo Champion
    Marcio 'Pe De Pano' Cruz - World BJJ & ADCC Champion

  • each match consists of two rounds with a :30 second break
  • each round is four minutes in duration
  • if match is declared a draw after regulation time ( 2 x 4 minute rounds) then match will continue with two minute sudden death overtime

    All points awarded when position is held for three seconds.
    Points will be awarded for the following positions:
  • 1 point takedown (knees, stomach or back on the mat)
  • 1 point mount
  • 1 point back mount (with hooks or body triangle)
  • 3 points catch (near submission)

  • all joint locks
  • all chokes
  • all knee bars and heel hooks
  • all takedowns, throws, foot sweeps...

    A match is won when:
  • opponent taps the mat, your body...
  • opponent verbally submits to the PSL official
  • the PSL official feels that if your opponent is unable to continue
  • opponent fails to continue match after any round, slam or submission attempt (15 sec count out rule)
  • a PSL official declairs the competitor the winner by points

  • submission [suhb-mish-uhn]- noun
    The act of submitting to the power of another.


    SUBMISSION WRESTLING: Wrestling in all of its various forms has been in existence in every country and in every culture since the dawn of man. In fact grappling forms continue to prosper and mutate in every culture the world over. This ancient artform retains its relevance in modern society as all forms fluently flow back to the original:

    'Submission - to yield oneself to the power or authority of another'

    Sub Wrestling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the United States helps lead the way with no less than 4 major amateur organizations not including traditional national governing bodies of USA Judo & USA Wrestling along with other grappling forms such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Russian Sambo... The A.D.D.C. World Submission Wrestling Championships takes place every other year along with a circuit of qualifying tournaments on each continent.

    The PSL seeks to capitalize on the paradigm shift in self defense and martial arts toward the grappling arts. Pick up any martial arts magazine and it will be dominated by grappling based articles. Check any MMA fighting organizations champions and they will most likely be grappling based combat artists. In fact, modern day MMA fighting was pivotal in bringing awareness to the general public of the effectiveness, beauty and artistry of the grappling arts.


    For sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at info@prosubleague.com or call 323.966.5872